US Ambassador on his way to meet syrian opposition leader amid protests

Syria’s foreign ministry on Thursday accused the United States of inciting “armed groups” into acts of violence targeting the country’s military. “Comments by American officials, notably (US State Department spokesman) Mark Toner, are striking proof that the US encourages armed groups to commit violence against the Syrian Arab army,” a ministry statement said.

The accusation come as America’s ambassador in Syria, Robert Ford, was reportedly blocked inside a building by pro-regime demonstrators after he arrived at the office in Damascus of opposition member Hassan Abdelazim.  According to Abdelazin, “Nearly 100 protesters” tried to break into his office as the US envoy arrived for a meeting.

United States is doing all it can to bring the Syrian regime down, which is pro-Iranian and anit-Israel. America is using the same techniques that US and Nato used in Libya, of sending armed men into towns and cities and inciting violence and then that is shown in the Western media as a sign of revolt against the Assad’s regime.

It’s because of these actions that the American’s aren’t safe anywhere in the world, because the world is not safe from American military. Their foreign policy is cause of all the wars since the WWII. There are two blocks in the world that have taken shape, one is the Western bloc and the other is the Muslim bloc, all the wars are being fought in the Muslim lands throughout the world, muslims world-wide have been demonized and have been portrayed as terrorists. It was because of policies like these that the US made enemies in the Past and they haven’t slowed down in making more since 9/11.


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