Pakistan's PM Gilani sits flanked by political party representatives during an All Parties Conference over the ongoing military offensive against Taliban militants in the Swat valley, in Islamabad

The US war on terror has been disowned by the top leadership of the country in the All Party Conference held here on Thursday decided to work on new policy and direction and agreed to enter into dialogue with Taliban inside Pakistan to bring peace. Wars, guns and military operations did not get a favourable nod at the APC both in case of the internal disturbances within Pakistan or the US-led NATO’s war against Taliban in Afghanistan.

While the US is exerting pressure on Pakistan to launch a military operation in North Waziristan, the unanimously adopted resolution of the APC unambiguously said: “Pakistan must initiate dialogue with a view to negotiate peace with our own people in the tribal areas and a proper mechanism for this be put in place”

The resolution did not give even a hint of the war on terror, adopted by Pakistan ten years ago, after 9/11. The resolution demands that all concerned “give peace a chance”. The APC approved the process of dialogue with Taliban and sought review of the country’s foreign policy.

Instead of bowing to the US pressure to launch a military operation against the Haqqani group, the APC not only rejected this approach but offered Pakistan’s services for a peaceful negotiated solution to the Afghanistan problem where US-led NATO forces war  against locals for the last ten years, without any results.

During the several-hours long session of the APC, the US war on terror was criticised by all and sundry and it was admitted that this war brought terrorism and suicide bombing to Pakistan besides badly hurting the country’s economy. It was in the same background that the APC , as reflected in the resolution, recognised that there has to be a new direction and policy with a focus on peace and reconciliation.

As per the spirit of the APC’s resolution al military operations within Pakistan have to be halted in order to bring peace through dialogue process with all stakeholders. When and how all this will be done by the government and the military establishment is yet to be seen.


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