Lindsey Graham, member of the United States Se...

Senator Lindsy Graham

Support is growing in the US Congress for expanding American military action in Pakistan beyond drone strikes, a senior Republican US senator says. Senator Lindsey Graham, an influential Republican voice of foreign policy and military affairs, said in an interview on Tuesday that US lawmakers might support military options beyond the drone strikes that have been going on for years inside Pakistani territory.

Those options may include using US bomber planes within Pakistan. The South Carolina Republican said he did not advocate sending US ground troops into Pakistan. “I would say when it comes to defending American troops, you don’t want to limit yourself. This is not a boots-on-the-ground engagement, I’m not talking about that, but we have a lot of asses beyond drones.”

Graham said US lawmakers will think about stepping up the military pressure. “If people believe it’s gotten to the point that is the only way really to protect our interest I think there would be a lot of support. Don’t underestimate how we feel about those who kill our troops, My belief is that Congress will be supportive of any action that the (US military) experts deem necessary to protect lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan

On the other hand PM Yousif Raza Gillani said that 180 million people of Pakistan knew how to protect their country and that all the political parties were on the same page when it came to threats from outside. It is clear that PM Gillani wanted this message to go across clearly that Pakistan is not Iraq nor is it Afghanistan, and that it will be suicidal for the American military to open a new front in Pakistan. Attacking Pakistan will be counter productive, Pakistani nation is already 99% anti-American and an attack would mean that armed resistance in Afghanistan will increase 10 folds and supply routs for the NATO troops will be severed.

Afghans are occupied and they will not rest until every last foreign troop has left their country, Pakistan supports them or not they will keep on fighting, America has a habit of blaming failures on others and taking the credit for the successes. Pakistani nation as a whole is ready for any foreign invasion and it has been made clear that Pakistan will retaliate and even chase any attackers inside Afghanistan. The stakes are very high, if Americans continued with their arrogant behaviour than ultimately they will be the looser.


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