Shoaib Akhtar

Pakistan cricket authorities said Wednesday they would use confessions made by retired paceman Shoaib Akhtar is his autobiography in court to justify disciplining the former international. In the book, launched last week in India, Shoaib confessed to ball-tamperinf and other violations of conduct during a 14-year career that was marred by injury and dicipline problems before his retirement in April this year.

The book, “Controversially Yours”, had riled Indian fans and media alike with harsh comments on batting greats Sachhin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, claiming the due were not “match winners.” Shoaib’s appeal against a record seven million rupee disciplinary fine imposed three years ago is pending in the Lahore High Court.

PCB legal adviser Taffzul Rizvi said excerpts of book will now be used in court against the on-time world’s fastest bowler. “in a writ case it is important for someone to have clean conduct and in his autobiography Shoaib has confessed to breach of discipline and has not come out clean, so we will use them in the court case,” Rizvi said.


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