Royal Standard of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Flag

Saudi Arabia has stepped in to cool tensions between Pakistan and the united States as ISI chief General Shuja Pasha left for SA via a special plane on Monday. On the directives of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, Saudi intelligence officials also dashed to Pakistan and held wide-ranging interactions with the ISI chief and other officials concerned. Both sides exchanged views on the ongoing acrimony and tensions in relations between Pakistan and the United States over Pakistan’s alleged support for the Haqqani Network.

In Saudi Arabia, the ISI chief is expected to hold meetings with head of the Saudi intelligence and armed forces. Sources say General Pasha has gone to Saudi Arabia on directives of the political and military leadership of the country. ISI chief General Pasha took President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Gillani into confidence before leaving for Saudi Arabia. According to sources, a high-level military delegation is accompanying General Pasha. “The ISI chief will discuss the prevailing tensions between Pakistan and the United States after the statements of Admiral Mike Mullen and Leon Paneeta,” the sources added. They said the decision to send Pasha to SA was made at the emergency meeting of corps commanders held on Sunday.


One thought on “Saudi Arabian Intervention

  1. It looks like at long last Saudi women are beginning to take the first steps towards a belated equality with Saudi men. Doesn’t it strike you as strange, though, that the West hasn’t invaded, all guns blazing, boots on the ground, long before now given this blatant breach of human rights? Couldn’t be that the Arabs are left alone because of their longstanding agreement to only sell oil in dollars, could it?

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