President Shafat Hussain (center), of the Repu...

Ali Abdullah Saleh

A general was killed and 30 other troops loyal to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh were taken hostage when tribesmen overnight attacked their base north of Sanna the Yemeni capital. General Abdullah al-Kulaibi, head of the 63rd brigade of the elite Republican Guard unit, was killed in the attack by tribesmen opposed to Saleh’s rule in the strategic town of Nihm, the defence ministry said in a statement. Four of the attackers were killed during the attack on the military base, about 60 kilometers from Sanaa.

Yemen state television confirmed the assault on the military base but made no mention of hostages. It also claimed the attackers were gunmen from the Yemeni Islamist Islah (reform) Party. A tribes men told AFP that gunmen from tribes who are opposed to Saleh took brief control of parts of the base, kidnapped 30 Yemeni soldiers, and then escaped into nearby hills. He added that two of the four tribesmen killed overnight died during what he described as the “constant shelling’ of Nihm by the military in retaliation for the assault.

Ali Adbullah Saleh has been in power for more than 30 years, his regime has failed to provide better economic opportunities for ordinary people. Not long ago President was injured himself in a rocket attack on his presidential palace, after which Saleh went to Saudi Arabia for treatment of the injuries he sustained although the nature of injuries were never made clear. This incident has shown the deep resentment in the Yemeni people against the regime, if it continues like this than President Saleh’s days are numbered.


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