Greater Middle East

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Muslims around the World rose up against tyranny and oppression by their own leaders, they stood up to fight the injustice which for all along has been supported by the West. Starting from Tunisia, its leader had been in power for a very long time and had been friends with the Europeans and the United States for the same amount of time, same was the case with Egypt. Egypt though was more important to the West than any other Arab country, it shared border with Israel and was the only Arab nation that was on the same page with the Israeli’s in blockading Gaza strip. Egypt had closed its border crossing into Gaza strip which prompted the traders on both sides to opt for tunnels so that the trade could continue. For the Israeli’s and Americans it was in their interest that Hosni Mubarak remains in power, not only was he pro-west he also didn’t oppose the Israel, which isn’t a common trait in Arab leaders even today. What the world saw in Egypt was truly a revolution, people said no to the puppets that had ruled them for so long. History was repeating itself what happened in Iran almost four decades ago, Iran’s then King Shah and his cronies were stooges of the Americans and people their finally rose up a kicked him out, western media then portrayed a very rosy picture of the revolution but they soon found out that the new regime wasn’t what they had hoped for, so they turned against them and today every body knows Iran has been vilified.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (R) with Israeli PM in 2006

Western powers however saw the grim situation as they were loosing key allies in the arab world, it was time for them to act now or it could be too late and they could end up having very hostile regimes there in future, they already had Gaddafi and if another Gaddafi was to take over Tunisia and Egypt then the strategic position of the US and Europe will be compromised, so they acted, Briton and France in particular rose to the occasion. Both of them joined forces in training and arming militias on the egyptian side and sending them into Libya when the time was right. It made sense, if the worst was to happen and Egypt and Tunisia were the Irans of future then Libya was the perfect place to keep them in-check. This kind of thing had never been tried before, although CIA in the past has been behind many coups around the world, Briton and France were relatively new to this, this was going to be a european adventure with full US support. The time was right and agents of the western powers sent in their mercenaries or terrorists or criminals or freedom fighters what ever you want to call them, to initiate the down fall of Gaddafi. This was also made possible by people like Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil chairman of the NTC and others in the NTC who simply were on the CIA, MI6 payroll. These people who sold themselves and their alliances for power made this possible.

Muammar Gaddafi

Eight months on and Gaddafi is gone, hiding somewhere in Libya, The plan has been a success, Libya is now a proxy of the west, even though the facade is of liberation. But people there really have welcomed this change, it was Gaddafi’s fault as well, he had been a clumsy ruler, he could have done a lot more for his people then what he managed to do. Gaddafi should serve as a warning to others in the Middle East, they should know who is a friend and who will turn on you when the time is right. Lack of cooperation between the Arab world and Muslims at large is one of the biggest problem that they face around the world. There are grievances and grudges between nations and this gives the western powers the chance to step in. They should have learned after the Iran Iraq war, that both countries were sourcing their weapons from the US, Saddam Hussein hanging should have served as a lesson, it’s because no lessons had been learned that today the arab world is exploding.

American foreign policy of sticking its nose every where possible has earned her many enemies, to start with 2.2 Billion muslims around the world view America as the root of all evil in the world. If only the Americans had spent the same amount of money which they have over 60 years in waging wars into building infrastructure lets say around the middle east and other places then America would have had a pro US public around the world, but to many around the world US brings to mind war, death and destruction. All this forces

US Military Foot Print On The World

one to ask what really is the motive here? Peace? keeping in mind that since WW2, US has been the only nation which has waged wars and over turned legit governments from South America to the Middle East, with its unjustified support of the Israeli occupation, and the looming American Veto in the UN, American friends in the Muslim world will be hard to find, which will only escalate growing tensions between the East and the West


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