Bollywood has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade, it now over shadows all the regional film industries, fan following of Bollywood A list stars is in Billions throughout the world, Bollywood stars like Amitab Bachan has seen tremendous changes in the industry, most noticeable  would be the amount of money lead actors are bagging with each new film, but not every change has been for the better.

Bollywood to its credit has many timeless films like, Khabi Khusi Khabi Gum, Sholay, Devdas 1, Devdas 2, Black, rang de basanti, Andaz apna apna, 3 idiots,the legend of bhagat singh, and many more, but increasingly it seems that Indian film industry is loosing touch with its indian roots. Films increasingly portray western society and most of them are outright copies of the Hollywood films. What Bollywood has lost is the creativity, 98% of the movies have a predictable story as it always revolves around one thing and that is a Girl and 98% all of these are romantic movies, “the art of story writing in India is dead and i think they are in need of new ideas and stories for their movies” said one expert of the subject. Rest of 2% movies are comedy, although they also have the element of a love story and typically are not funny and are very predictable.

Instead of brain storming directors and producers out to make a quick buck copy Hollywood movies and they copy them scene by scene although it almost always goes in vain as any one who has seen the original Hollywood version can’t stand one minute of the Bollywood version. Another trend that is prevailing there days in Bollywood is of songs, although Bollywood movies have always had songs in them, but these days some movies only make money because of songs, heros like Imran Hashmi who got fame not because of his films or the character he was playing but merely because a lot of good songs were pictured  on him.

Bollywood’s latest films are out of touch with reality, they try to be Hollywood which they can’t, on the other hand Denny Boyle a famous Hollywood director made a film Slum Dog Millionaire, his lead role was a boy who worked in Herold’s London and lead female was from the same slums where he filmed it, he showed the Indians how its done, any common man could relate with that story one way or another it brings out many emotions, he also showed Bollywood that they should go out and look for talent which is very important part of any film industry which is missing from Bollywood, there are only a few names in Bollywood and new talent is non-existent.

It’s about time that film makers of Bollywood think out of the box and come up with new stories and talent, Indian film industry is in need of a new Sholay otherwise it won’t be long before it will be facing competition from the neighbouring Pakistani film industry which has collapsed, but recently Pakistani film makers started to do what had to be done, which was producing quality films like Bol and Khuda K Liye and if the kept on making films like these in future then there is no doubt that Bollywood’s domination in this region will be short-lived.


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