Sydney, Australia

Austrilia’s plans to alter visa rules for foerign university students were welcomed frideay by education professionals who hop it will conteract the off-putting effect of the high Aussie dollar. The new visa arrangements, announced Thursday for students at the bachelor degree level or higher are designed to make preocessing quicker and eiser.

These changes include allowing university students two for four years of work after graduation and Canberra also plans to reduce the amount of money some students need to have in a bank account when they apply by about Aus$36,000. The international Education Association Australia, a professional body, which promotes international education in the country, called for the move to be rapidly implemented as international students are being turned off by the high currency.

Australia’s international education sector is the nation’s third-largest export industry, worth some Aus$18 billion and with more than 300,000 foreign students enrolled in the country’s institutions.


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