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Shoaib Akhtar's Biography

Pakistani star fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has said made some revalations about the game that is loved by so much. His newly publish biography controvertially yours has caused a stir in the cricked world. In the book he claims that Pakistani bowlers have been invloved in ball tempering and he admitted doing it himself, recalling that he was just unlucky when he was caught ball tempering and that this practice is wide spread, he went as far as saying that ball tempering should be legalised in International Cricket.

Shoaib Akhtar did not shy away from discussing politics in the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) and said that most of the appointments in the PCB are because of political affiliations rather than merit, he also said that former Pakistani captain Shoaib Malik was a stooge of the them PCB chairman Naseem Ashraf. Talking about Wasim Akram the legendary Pakistan bowler accusing him of trying to finish his career saying that Wasim has threatened to walk away with half of the team if Shoaib was included in the squad but Gen. Tauqer Zia backed Shoaib and so he got in the team. He also accused Wasim Akram of not encouraging the young and upcoming bowlers.

He also talked about the IPL and said that his decision to trust Shah Rukhkhan and Lalit Modi the chairman of IPL was a huge mistake, he accused them of defrauding him of money when he played for the IPL. He said that he had discussed with Shah Rukhkhan about his unhappiness regarding the amount of money that he was to be paid, according to Shoaib Akhtar, Shahrukh Khan has assured him that he will be paid accordingly but in the end was not paid the money that was promised

Shoaib also talked about the legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar saying that he and Dravid were no match winners and that Sachin was scared of his bowling. Sachin Tendulkar has said to have been offended by Shoaib’s remarks about him and was qouted as saying this is my insult.

Motive behind Shoaib’s actions remain unknown but it can be said that he has done all this to make a few bucks as he has already retired from the international cricket, he has no steady income as such and he is hoping that this books of his would make him enough that he would be able to enjoy his retirement. I think what he has done is shameful not only has he pointed fingers at legends who have been in the game for years before he made it in, but he has also put his record under suspesion, he himself has said that he has tempered with ball numerous times, that means that the wickets that he got in those matches should not be counted and his record should be rewritten as he himself has admitted to cheating.

I would term it as a cheap stunt to earn some money, he has lowered his ranking in the eyes of his fans as well.


One thought on “Shoaib Akhtar’s Controversially Yours

  1. I don’t think he has brought any “harm to the game”.He has just made it public the inside stories.Let him enjoy the freedom of speech or you got offended because he said that Tendulkar was scared of him ( to which Shahid Afridi totally agreed.

    I acknowledge his efforts that he has put in this book which is an honest revelation of behind the scene events.Please show some maturity and patience to others.

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