Map of Palestine

Palestinian loss of land from 1946 to 2000

Palestinians have been on the negotiation table with Israeli’s in what is known as the Oslo peace accords, but after twenty years of negotiations it has resulted in nothing promising for the Palestinians. While the so called peace process was underway Israeli’s continued to annex land and build settlements, driving out Palestinians from their homes and occupying their land and when this is done to any nation it fights back and Palestinians did with whatever they could, as they don’t have any army nor they can have one, so they fought back with home made weapons like rockets which Israel then uses to its advantage by using them as a pretext for more security which means more check points and less freedom for the Palestinian people. No other nation on the planet would be able to get away with those kind of human right violations but Israel has been doing this for more than 60 years with the firm backing of the US.

For the US and Israel its in their interest to have Palestine the way it is and back on the negotiation table because Israel’s goal is to expand their territory so one day they cover all of the Palestine and this is only possible if Palestinians are not recognised by the UN as a state with 1967 borders, that will make all the settlements since illegal and that land will be classified as occupied territory rather than disputed as it is now.

Israel is isolated around the world, most of the countries know about the crimes that they have committed and would not vote for in favour of Israel if there ever is a vote, so Israel really has one card to play and that is US by getting a veto from them on this resolution for Palestinian state. Now US is ready to do that but i don’t think they really know about the implications that will have on its standing around the world and specially in the eyes of Muslims around the world. Countries like Saudi Arabia have already warned the US that if it decides to Veto the Palestinian resolution then relations with America will become toxic, countries like Argentina and Brazil have long recognised Palestine with pre-1967 borders there really is a wider consensus around the world that Palestinians should have a state of their own.

Gaza Strip

Aftermath of Israeli bombardment of Gaza

Palestinians can no longer be tricked, the decision to go to the security counsel is right after all this is why it was made so that countries could solve their differences there rather than on the battle field. Palestinians have shown that they were serious with the negotiations they waited for twenty years for results but Israel was never serious about the peace process all they wanted to do was buy time so that their occupation can carry on and now all this has been halted, Palestinians have finally done what they should have 10 years ago. By doing this Palestinians have exposed the true face of United States, that like any other oppressor US bends rules when they don’t suit them, the real agenda here is to buy time for the Israeli’s so that they could have complete control over the Palestinian land and this can’t be done if the Palestinian get full recognistion from the UN. America will fight tooth and nail to protect Israel’s interests in the region.

It should serve as a warning for the Arabs rulers and Muslims around the world, its time that all of them sit down on the table and sort their differences out themselves without involving US or other Western powers, that they should work together in ensuring peace and security of Muslims around the world and that all of us should speak with a single voice, unity is the only surety for peace and prosperity and unless that is achieved oppressions by others will continue.


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