Ever since WW2 Palestinians have been doomed, doomed as a nation as people, their life reduced to check points and constant terror of the Israeli gunships. People who have been robbed of their land. Their land robbed essentially by europeans who believe that god gave them the right to that land. On that promised land the natives of that land have been and still are being persicuted. Gaza strip that house 1 Million Palestinians is essentially under seige by the Israeli’s, they control what goes in and what comes out of that place, i would call that the worlds largest concentration camp. Where people are bombed with jet fighters just because a rocket was fired. It was not fired by a mad man or a religious fanatic, it was fired by a Palestinian patriot who sees his land being robbed. When you push 1 million people to the edge then this is what happens.

Today what Obama said in the UN general assembly was astonishing, he said “Jews have being persecuted for ages for their beliefs” so does that give them the right to persecute others?

United States being the self proclaimed champion of freedom and democracy has failed the Palestinian people. Not only them but most of the Arab nations have failed them as well. One of the reason behind all this is the lack of Arab Union and the lack of co-oporation that leads to mistrusts which then lead to hostilities. Instead of these countries banding together and using their huge oil wealth to better their people’s life, they are busy conspiring against each other or Iran, and behind all of this is United States who’s core interests in the region are protected by Israel, as much as Israel needs the US, Us needs them too. As long as Palestine is not a state all the crimes that Israel commits goes unnoticed. Israel wants Palestinians on the negotiation table which they have been for the last 20 years and as they are negotiating Israeli’s are expanding into Palestinian territories building new settlements. What is happening in Palestine is unimaginable, all the walls that Israeli’s have built around their settlements and army that protects them are completely free to do what so ever because there is no international law that applies there as that land is disputed not classified as occupied because Palestine is not a recognised state, which really is a slap on the Palestinians faces, not only on theirs but on all of Muslims and the humanity at large. Such injustice supported by major western powers can only lead to one thing and that is clash a clash of civilisations that in my view is inevitable in the future.

Palestinian bid for recognitions will be veto’d by the United States, which finally should open the eyes of the Muslim World as a whole as to how biased United States is, and their foreign policies are not in our interests. Saudi Arabia has already conveyed to the US officials that if US were to veto the resolution then the special relationship that it enjoys with Saudi Arabia would end. Surely it would, Muslims around the world would be outraged.

All this would increase anti-American sentiment in the Arab world, which could really hurt the standing of the US in the region. As soon as the Egyptian regime fell, the military commander opened the Gaza border, which had been shut for the last year or so. Arab spring as the western media terms it can be a game changer for Israel. Turkey is also flexing its musle in the region which i think is good, there needs to be some one to put Israel into its place. If Iran, Turkey and Pakistan put their hands together and if Iran makes peace with the rest of the Arab World then I am sure that America’s services in this region will no longer be required.


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