Areas in Sindh devistated by floods this year 2011

Sindh Pakistan


It has been a year since Pakistan was hit with the worst floods in the living memory. Across Pakistan from north to south all the way there was water and people were displaced from their homes in the Millions, it was all chaos no one had seen any thing like it before. Pakistan’s government instead of springing into action, the President of the country left on a private visit to the UK, while his people were dying with disease and hunger. Pakistan Army stepped up and worked with international organisations and distributed aid, any aid that got to the people was either from the military or from civilians who had donated alot of money. Government on the other had was some thing which was not there, it was blamed for some of the floods as well, it is well known that landlords in the province of Sindh had diverted water to save their own crops, lands, animals. This is one story that surfaced again and again, powerful landlords had taken up land which was suppose to be spill ways but there had been no floods in the recent decades so those patches were taken up by the landlords and other powerful men and were turned into farms, now when the flood hit instead of letting the water through the spill ways they diverted it towards towns and villages where people who already had nothing, the only thing that they had was roof over their head which was also taken from them, from the same people who were there to protect them.

Aid being distributed at a distribution centre

This time around when the flood hit it was not like some thing out of the blue, most of these floods had been predicted last year and the government was told that they should rebuild or repair some of the canals and other infrastructure and an estimate was give which was of about 49 billion Rupees. None of that was done yet every one knew that floods were inevitable this time around. So now here we are flood water have covered thousands of acres of land and have destroyed Billions of rupees worth of crop and lively hood of millions of people around sindh, this time though the only difference is that the President of the country has deicided to stay put in Pakistan and PM even cancelled his trip to the UN to New York, this is only a gesture, in practice they never took the advise which was given to them and never spent a penny on making sure that all the levis and water ways were in working condition. This time international community has been slow to send help as well specially in financial terms, every one knows that last year millions that came to Pakistan only about 10% of that aid made it to the people who deserved it. Now the international community  is sending goods that could be of use for the people who are devistated by the floods.

More than 1 Million people have been effected

Every other day i see on the news when they are distributing aid there have been numerious incidents where a stamped occurred and people have died as well. This is really heart breaking, the incompetency of the local government is of such a high level that they can’t even distribute the aid properly. There were cases last year where things like water bottles or tents for the victims was not distributed this also includes medicine which in some cases was sold on by corrupt officials. Our government is quick in appealing for the aid but they are really slow in implementing changes to the local administration and changes to the way they distribute aid. Last year one of the best distribution network was established by the Armed forces of Pakistan, if the government would have wanted they could have learned some thing from them. Far from that most of the MNAs who’s areas were devestated by the floods were the ones who had diverted the water to save their own lands and its no wonder that most of them never went to their constituencies to listen to people’s complaints.

Because of all these incompetencies and lack of interest by the government in solving the issues of its own people, the “Friends of Pakistan” group has offered nill aid in this flood. This government has not only failed domestically but has also failed internationally as it has lost all credibility in front of national and international community. The picture below shows the enormity of the challenge,


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